Abdollah Fadakar Geigenbauer
Abdollah Fadakar Geigenbauer
Abdollah was born and raised in a crowded family of nine in Tehran, Iran. After finishing middle school, his interest in technology drove him to continue his education in a technical school. A few years after he graduated from high school, he lost his ability to walk and was forced to start his life in a wheelchair.
Despite of being handicapped, Abdollah decided to make the best of himself by adapting to his new and challenging situation. But it took him a few years to accept this painful reality.

Abdollah successfully passed the test for making violins and received certification in Berlin, Germany, in 2004. He continued to work for Gentges & Scheit until 2007 and then started his own business as a violin maker that same year.
Besides his profession as a musical instrument maker, Abdollah is a very active and athletic person with many rewards and medals in field and track sports, including a Gold Medal in 2000 for discus throwing in one of Germanyâ€ôs athletic contests for the handicapped.

Abdollah loved music very much when he was a teenager and musical instruments always fascinated him.  He made his first musical instrument, a Santoor, when he was very young. After he became handicapped, with the help of some friends, he started to learn how to make Setars which is one of the most important Persian musical instruments. He started to make Setars independently after two years and continued to make and repair this instrument for the next ten years.

In 1995 Abdollah migrated to Germany and after three years of living in Berlin, he was hired by Gentges & Scheit. They made and repaired violins, violas, and cellos. It was an excellent opportunity for Abdollah to learn, repair, and make those instruments as well.